Ohashi ES73G Compact mobile woodchipper

  • Automatic infeed with ‘No-Stress’ system
  • Only 66cm wide – you can take it almost anywhere!
  • Chip branches from gardens and roadsides
  • Made in Japan – quality and reliability assured
  • Maximum power, maximum mobility –
    compact, light-weight body.
  • Transport mode: 1300 x 660 x 1440 mm

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The Ohashi ES73G 3 Inch/7cm max diameter woodchipper due to its compact size can access almost all areas, reducing the time and effort required when dragging material to traditional woodchippers in order to process waste material. At only 660mm wide there would not be many side gates or doorways that the Ohashi ES73G woodchipper could not fit through, making it highly manoeuvrable. 

In addition, the Ohashi ES73G is able to produce a consistently sized and uniform woodchip. This more usable and attractive chip can remove the need to transport the chip away for disposal as often customers are happy to have the chips remain in their garden as an attractive mulch on beds and borders to reduce weed growth.

About Ohashi Chippers

Ohashi woodchippers are a premium groundcare product with a high build quality. The manufacturer was founded in 1988 in Japan, and has since developed agricultural and forestry-focused products that are low-impact – providing a high level of performance and a low level of pollution. These chippers are now considered market leaders in France, Germany and Italy and we expect these compact chippers, with timber capacity ranging from 3-inch to 6-inch, to be as popular in the UK marketplace.

Ohashi ES73G Compact Wood Chipper

Max. chipping diameter 7cm


Leafy branches

The Ohashi ES73G woodchipper can chip wood and leafy branches of 7cm max. Leaves are also well processed. Chips can be used for composts, mulching, making pellets or bio-energy.

Two stage process

Chipper Knife

Shredder Knives

Turn logs into chips with the powerful 2 blade rotating chipper knife.

Increase chipping efficiency
※ 8 pcs / unit

Fan forced shooter

Dispatch chip into truck or flexi bag

Fan forced shooter dispatches chips fast and directly to a truck or a flexi bag.

Dispatch above or below


Change the dispatch angle or direction at your convenience

Low dispatch unit

When chipping in places where a shooter may cause obstructions, like an orchard, disable the shooter and dispatch chips from below.

Easy maintenance

Rotor cover


Knife inspection and maintenance.

Oil inspection and engine maintenance.

Blower cover

Hour meter

Fan blower inspection and maintenance.

Equipped with hour meter.

Fuel Saving Mode

Feed mode switch

Easy switch between “Power mode” and “Eco mode”. Small branches of max. dia. 5cm are chipped with “Eco mode”, and more fuel saving can be achieved.

Easy to load on truck

Loading and unloading

Self-propelled crawler and compact, light weight body enable you to load onto or unload from a truck easily.

Automatic no stress control

Hydraulic motor

Micro computer

An automatic hydraulic No Stress control system, communicates with the feed roller ensuring stable and efficient feeding of materials.

Micro-computer between the feed roller and engine reduces engine loading stress and prevents damage.

Safety design

Feed roller safety bar

Brake handle

Allow users to stop the feed roller in an emergency and if necessary without using their hands.

The brake handle is gripped to transport the vehicle. When released the parking brake will be activated automatically.

Advanced functions

Feed mode switch

It is easy to take out any clogged materials with the reverse feeding by just turning the feed switch.

Reinforced robust body allows for stable hoisting while attaching rope to the machine at only one place!

Loading and unloading

Recoil starter cord also attached. No dead battery issues!

Wide hopper for easy feeding of thick leafy branches.


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