As the sole, Independent UK distributor of key industry brands, T H WHITE Machinery Imports are dedicated to bringing you market-leading ranges in professional woodchippers and mowers.

Our brands include:

Ohashi woodchippers are rapidly becoming the go-to compact tracked chipper. Whilst much more compact than competitor models, Ohashi woodchippers still retain the unique ability to process larger timber.

Models range from 3” (75mm) up to 6” (150mm) capacity – their compact, transportable and low maintenance design provides multiple benefits and labour saving potential. Our machines deliver high quality, environmentally-friendly solutions for you – machines that are renowned for their ingenuity, productivity and safety.

We also have an experienced machinery dealer network throughout the UK to assist with sales, parts and service.

Simply put, Ohashi are dedicated to the development of innovative machines – through a reliable, technology-based approach that positively contributes to the environmental challenges faced by the world today.

Since 1988, Ohashi have developed agricultural and forestry-focused products that are low-impact – providing a high level of performance and a low level of pollution. They have become widely used throughout the European market, earning a solid reputation for advanced environmental and safety standards.

After efficiently processing trees and branches, our chippers re-purpose the waste to create environmentally-friendly by-products – including organic fertilizer and mulching material.

The Ohashi logo represents our relationship with the natural world, its limited resources, and how to act responsibly for the benefit of generations to come.

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